Holding the new guitar Anadhara I made in July 2014
The inside of a new guitar, made from Maple and Italian European Spruce. 2015.

 Routing the channel to hold the centre motif

A finished rosette.  The top can now have the struts underneath fitted. Once this has been done the neck and sides can be fitted to the front of the guitar.

    All my guitars are named, this one is named Doreen after My           Grandma, Doreen Lawson.

Rio rosewood is used to strengthen the sides and because the sound travels faster with the grain than across it, the hope is it will send sound directly to the back through the strength strips.
Fitting the bridge using a special bridge clamp

     Two finished guitars, one in Maple and the other Indian                   rosewood, both have European Spruce Tops.. 

     Inside bracing layout, traditional Torres/Romanillos/Barrett                    method.. 

A new 2015 flamenco guitar made from European Italian Alpine Spruce & Maple...
Putting the sides to the top of the guitar.  This guitar was  made for Spanish guitarist Paco Seco March 2013
Cutting the log into 1mm sections to form the rosette ring.
The guitar is now ready to fit the back 2015.
In the middle of French polishing the guitar
The French polish has been finished and the bridge is then fitted to the guitar - this is the last part of the construction.
This guitar was made for Paco Seco in March 2013 and can be seen and heard in the video..

Paco Seco with his 2013 guitar, Showroom above..

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