Barrett Classical Guitars

                                                                                                Making the Guitar

I make. my guitars in the traditional way of Antonio de Torres & Jose Romanillos.

For the price for order of a Guitar please email

Tel; 01756 792739

I use the finest materials available, all of the guitar is hand made including my beautiful rosette which is made in the same technical way as a J Romanillos rosette. It is 28mm wide which is wider than normal and it is a 3d image of a ring of chalices. The string length is 650mm long, and the neck is fitted using an old method of wedges to fit the sides nice and tight to the neck. The depth of body does vary in each guitar.  I like my guitars to look as dark as possible in the back and sides, and pale on the front. The guitars I make in ebony look the nicest with maple bindings - it's a lovely colour contrast. All of the guitar is constructed mainly free hand and finished in French polish.  I'm all ways aiming to improve the guitar. It also has a similar look to the Torres & Romanillos guitars.

To order one of my guitars or to discus or ask any questions about the work I do regarding making these fine instruments, then please phone me on; 01756  792739 

Brett Charles Barrett.

 The rosette of a guitar symbolises the lips of a mouth that has the power to originate the sound.

Many guitar makers use prefabricated rosettes thus failing to impart personality and give the instrument a personal stamp.                                                    

Brett Barrett not only brings personality to his guitars but a special vision with their own rosette, adorning them so that they become something essential and unique.

Brett shows us not only a rosette that opens a door to the time of Christ or the Holy Grail, but also a great design and attention to detail.

Brett Barrett's guitars evoke and inspire depth, kindness, love and beauty.            PACO SECO...2013.


This is my newest 3D rosette design which is made from Rio Rose Wood, Holly and Ebony, the motifs are based on chalices that run round the centre ring.  I have three rosette designs that I use in my guitars  all on a similar theme two are 2D  which are very beautiful to look at and incorporate the chalice,  Herring Bone is used in the inner and outer rings edged with ebony...


I call my rosette design "The Eternal Ring.."    When I was contemplating the design I wanted it to have a deep spiritual meaning and not just looks, most guitars have mass produced rosette's which  are used to add some colour and highlight the sound hole,  being a spiritual person I thought of chalices which point to a higher being meaning God the creator of all things including you & me, the cup of Christ or the Holy grail are other words for it too  I was blessed with a gift to create and guitars are born from my hands for guitarists to create there music. The rosette is a symbol of creativity and anybody who plays one of my guitars, the rosette once it's understood should inspire the player to be creative and motivated when some days are not so good.

Not many guitar makers rosettes have any meaning to them apart from looking pretty.I fell in love with the rosette of Jose Romanillos, and I also wanted mine to have a similar look in appearance. Jose Romanillos is the only luthier  I know who's Rosette has meaning. It has the walls of Cordoba in it, which reflect where he came from. can see parts of the rosette on the workshop page.  Brett C Barrett.

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